Yellow River Piano Concerto

The goods

Here are the first three movements of the Yellow River Piano Concerto! (Disclaimer: the tone of the occasion may match my attire.) Video was recorded using a Canon SD 700IS point-and-shoot camera, and (the higher-quality!) audio was recorded with an AKG C 1000 S microphone.
Movements come in increasing order of preparedness.
Movement 1 — Prelude: The Song of the Yellow River Boatman
Video (.avi) (3:44), 409MB
Audio (.mp3) (3:51), 3.7MB
Movement 2 — Ode to the Yellow River
Video (.avi) (4:09), 450MB
Audio (.mp3) (4:13), 4.1MB
Movement 3 — The Yellow River in Anger
Video (.avi) (7:05), 776MB
Audio (.mp3) (6:58), 6.6MB
Performed June 4, 2009 at Campbell Recital Hall, Stanford University.


Many thanks go to Dr. Frederick Weldy for the wonderfully supportive help in learning this piece and resultant bonding experience, Chinghua Lee for the camera work and Olena Bormashenko for the microphone work.
Jonathan Lee

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