Welcome to Tea!

If you are preparing tea, you will get a reminder e-mail a few days beforehand.


Tea preparers are strongly advised to use a departmental purchasing card; these can be borrowed from Rose or Julie. The tea budget is $45 for Thursday and $30 every other day; anything past this you have to cover yourself.


You're responsible for cleaning the lounge and kitchen after your tea. This includes rinsing out the coffee pots and the coffee/hot water containers. Here are some important tea clean-up reminders:
  1. All dishes, knives, utensils and other items used for tea must be cleaned. Not only must you wash these items, you must put them away after they dry — probably the next morning.
  2. The coffee/hot water containers must be properly cleaned — wash each container and then put clean water inside. Leave the lid of the container open so that it may air out; this prevents disagreeable odours.
  3. If there is a shortage of cups, straws, sugar or other supplies necessary to prepare tea, you can most likely find them in the first floor kitchen. If you can't find these items yourself, ask a staff member.

Tea Schedule

Tea's held Monday to Thursday at 3:30 and Friday at 4:15.
If you're trading times with somebody, please let me know and I'll update the schedule.

Upcoming teas:

The tea master for 2008-–2009 is John Jiang, who is maintaining a schedule here.

Past teas:

Jonathan Lee

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September 24 –
September 28
Robin Koytcheff Yu-jong Tzeng Thomas Williams
June 4 –
June 8
Penka Georgieva Xiannan Li Eric Schoenfeld
May 28 –
June 1
Jack Hall Nathan Brown Eric Schoenfeld Yu-jong Tzeng Vorrapan Chandee
May 21 –
May 25
Lan-hsuan Huang Nathan Brown Daniel Mathews jason Lo Nikolay Penev
May 14 –
May 18
Man Chuen Cheng Olena Bormashenko Thomas Williams Ben Kunsberg Kaveh Fouladgar
May 7 –
May 11
Man Chun Li Kaiyuan Zhang Robin Koytcheff Tania Rojas-Esponda Dung Hoang Nguyen
April 30 –
May 4
Jesse Gell-Redman Kamil Szczegot Jeff Danciger Jennifer Novak Kloke
April 23 –
April 27
Jason Miller Bezirgen Veliyev Josh Genauer Dmitriy Ivanov Zachary Cohn
April 16 –
April 20
Tracy Nance Anca Vacarescu Joseph Rabinoff Jose Perea
April 9 –
April 13
Daniel Murphy Ken Chan Joseph Rabinoff Brian Krummel Anssi Lahtinen
April 2 –
April 6
Ziyu Zhang Dean Baskin Eric Malm
March 12 –
March 16
Ben Kunsberg Vorrapan Chandee Thomas Williams Joseph Rabinoff Ken Chan
March 5 –
March 9
Anca Vacarescu Tania Rojas-Esponda Eric Schoenfeld Penka Georgieva
February 26 –
March 2
Jason Miller Jesse Gell-Redman Robin Koytcheff Kaveh Fouladgar
February 19 –
February 23
*President's Day* Bezirgen Veliyev Nikolay Penev Olena Bormashenko
February 12 –
February 16
Man Chuen Cheng Xiannan Li Yu-jong Tzeng Dmitriy Ivanov jason Lo
February 5 –
February 9
Man Chun Li Dung Hoang Nguyen Kaiyuan Zhang Brian Krummel
January 29 –
February 2
Lan-hsuan Huang Jack Hall Jeff Danciger Jose Perea
January 22 –
January 26
Kirsten Wickelgren Kamil Szczegot David Ayala Jennifer Novak Kloke Anssi Lahtinen
January 15 –
January 19
*MLK Day* Daniel Murphy Tracy Nance Eric Malm Zachary Cohn
January 8 –
January 12
Dean Baskin Ziyu Zhang Josh Genauer
December 4 –
December 8
Jose Perea Daniel Murphy Eric Schoenfeld Joseph Rabinoff
November 27 –
December 1
Anca Vacarescu Man Chun Li Brian Krummel Jason Miller
November 13 –
November 17
Yu-jong Tzeng Bezirgen Veliyev Tania Rojas-Esponda Man Chuen Cheng
November 6 –
November 10
Dmitriy Ivanov Thomas Williams Jeff Danciger Kaveh Fouladgar Xiannan Li
October 30 –
November 3
Jesse Gell-Redman Dung Hoang Nguyen Olena Bormashenko Ben Kunsberg Vorrapan Chandee
October 23 –
October 27
Ken Chan Kamil Szczegot Nikolay Penev Tracy Nance jason Lo
October 16 –
October 20
Kaiyuan Zhang Anssi Lahtinen Jack Hall Kirsten Wickelgren Nathan Brown
October 9 –
October 13
Robin Koytcheff Dean Baskin Ziyu Zhang David Ayala
October 2 –
October 6
Zachary Cohn Penka Georgieva Jennifer Novak Kloke Eric Malm
September 25 –
September 29
Lan-hsuan Huang Daniel Mathews Josh Genauer