Math 51 — Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus of Several Variables

You can find the main course website for Autumn 2007 here.
Uncollected assignments and exams have been placed in the assignment drop box outside my office to be picked up at your leisure.

Office hours

Section notes

You can find my discussion section notes here; as of December 3, these are essentially final.
Caveat lector — these notes are were primarily intended for my own organization and might not even superficially resemble what occurs in section.


Occasionally, I can't be bothered to write sentences (or fragments thereof) on the chalkboard; in such cases, I will hack up some of my trusty notes above into a handout.

Other notes

Josh Genauer has some useful handouts on his page here.
poor duck

Magic flying boxes

If you don't wish to submit your assignments in section, you may feed them to this box:
hungry box

Tragic news

On November 12, the box unexpectedly fell to the ground. Following a quick, uneventful recovery, it has been relocated; we can only hope that its current health persists.


"Wow, Jon, it's so strange watching you teach. You look so aware of your surroundings!"
— Tracy Nance, October 16.
Jonathan Lee

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